In the framework of sharing experience, good practices and expertise the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos, develops collaborations and strengthens its network with other mental health organizations and actors.

At a national level, the SSP P. Sakellaropoulos collaborates with:

  • the Ministry of Health, the Municipality of Amfissa, the Municipality of Nea Smyrni and Kallithea (Day Center for the Follow-up care of people with psychosocial problems in Attica), the Municipality of Thrace. 

  • the Academic community, including the University of Ioannina, Democritus University of Thrace, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences within the framework of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Also, the S.S.P. & M.H. offer internships to students from the Technological Educational Institution (T.E.I.) of Athens and Patras.

  • the Greek Network of Mental Health Organizations “ARGO” as a founding member

  • the Institute of Mental Health for Children and Adults (I.M.H.C.A.), a non-profit scientific organization that operates a Day Center for children, adolescents and adults with mental disorders. Learn more 

  • Social Cooperatives with Limited Liability (Koi.S.P.E.). The basic objective of these cooperatives is the psychosocial integration and the professional rehabilitation of people with mental health problems. More specifically, S.S.P & M.H. collaborates with

    “Yiannis Volikas”, Mental Health Sector of Fokida, Mental Health Sector of Fokida. Learn more 

     Social Cooperative with Limited Liability.-Diadromes, 10th Mental Health Sector of Athens. Learn more

    Social Cooperative with Limited Liability in Alexandroupoli, Thrace

    The S.S.P. & M.H. has been also collaborating with other cooperatives providing help to people with mental health problems, including “PYXIDA” and “NIKI” that stopped its function in 2008

  • Office for Supported Employment 

The Office of Supported Employment (OSE) was established in January 2013 and since then is functioning with the support of the Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health and the Social Cooperative of Limited Liability “Diadromes”.

OSE sets as a main target the creation and delivery of carefully crafted training solutions, including career counselling for people facing psychosocial difficulties with a view to help them find and secure employment, support their career and academic progression, as well as delve into options for education.

OSE excels at the creation and delivery of carefully crafted training solutions to achieve desirable and effective outcomes. It focuses on the development of vocational skills to help individuals find and capitalize on employment opportunities, and help them deal with any difficulty they might face in case already employed in the free market. In addition, it provides career support and focuses on academic progression, while examines carefully educational opportunities for its target population.

Individuals receive training by a professional counsellor in order to:

  • Be informed about their rights and obligations as employees, including special benefits they may be entitled to

  • Learn how to create their resume (CVs) and write cover letters

  • Acquire and develop computer skills

  • Complete and submit application forms while in job search phase

  • Get prepared for job interviews (guidelines, tips)

  • Develop and enhance presentation skills

  • Get informed about free educational or subsidized training programs

  • Search job offers in the free market

  • Help pursue new academic paths or enhance existing knowledge

Also, socioeconomically vulnerable people, who do not have their own PC and home internet access, are allowed to use OSE’s facilities to search for information and apply for jobs, as well as to practice their computer skills.

In a nutshell, OSE holds expertise in meeting the training and vocational needs of people with psychosocial disabilities by identifying and offering appropriate and innovative training solutions in a clear, informative and inspirational way.

For more information, please contact:

 Ms Evie Georgakopoulou

 Tel. +0030 210-9210042 | E-mail:

  • Mental Health Association of Families and Friends. An initiative taken in 2008 with a view to provide psychological support by encouraging the dialogue and promoting solidarity among families and friends of people with mental health problems.

  • Greek Housing Rights Network, member of FEANTSA-the European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless. Learn more 

  • STEPS, a non-profit initiative that supports homeless people facing marginalization and exclusion. Learn more

  • SOCIAL DYNAMO, a space for civil society, offering learning opportunities, professional support and networking. Learn more

At a European level, the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos participates in:

  • The European Network of Mental Health OrganizationsASKLEPIOS” as a founding member. In December 2011, ASKLEPIOS became member of the ‘European Health Management Association – EHMA’ that counts 160 members in more than 30 countries. Learn more

  • The European umbrella organization Mental Health Europe (MHE) that represents associations, organizations and individuals active in the field of mental health and well-being in Europe. Learn more

  • The European Federation – Social Firms Europe CEFEC as a founding member. CEFEC’s main target is the professional rehabilitation of people with psychical disabilities and mental health problems. S.S.P. & M.H represents CEFEC at the European Disability Forum (EDF). Learn more

  • European Community–based Mental Health Services (EuCoMS) Νetwork that provides services to people with psychosocial or other problems promoting the development of mental health services in the community and the exchange of experience and know–how. Learn more


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