Erasmus+ Accommodating a Travelling Life: A Journey Back Home Supporting Peers

Between 8 and 9 June 2022, the interim meeting of the partners of the ERASMUS+ Programme “Accommodating a Travelling Life: A Journey Back Home Supporting Peers” was held in Helsinki. During this meeting, an overview of the project’s work so far was presented, and planning was made for the future activities until its completion in November 2022.

This is a two-year project, which aims to train professionals who work with the homeless in the utilisation of peers during the recovery process, as well as supporting the latter by providing them with relevant training as “Peer Supporters”. Currently, the training of “Peer Supporters” takes place. The coordinator of the project is undertaken by the organisation INTRAS (Spain) and partners are the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom), the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos (Greece), Caritas Archidiecezji Warszawskiej (Poland), Salute Mentale ed Esclusione Sociale Italia (Italy) , Helsingin Diakonissalaitoten Saatio (Finland).

The project is co-financed by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union.

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