What are the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units?

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units are protected living spaces, of high, medium or low support for adult persons with psychiatric disorders and psychosocial difficulties.

They are residential units whose operation is therapeutic and rehabilitative. The SSP P. Sakellaropoulos operates 29 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units (hostels and protected apartments) in Athens, Alexandroupolis, Amfissa and Lamia.

What are the aims of their operation?                    

  • Quality of life with a personal meaning for the residents despite the effects of their disorder
  • Holistic mental health care
  • Empowerment in all aspects of life
  • Active inclusion in the operation of the unit, and the organisation
  • Social Integration

Τhe SSP P. Sakellaropoulos currently operates 6 Hostels and 23 Protected Apartments across four geographical areas: Attica, Fokida, Fthiotida and Thrace.