The SSP P. Sakellaropoulos exchanges the experience and knowledge acquired thrοugh the provision of mental health services, with other partners in Greece and abroad. The aim of these collaborations is to encourage and promote Greece’s ongoing psychiatric reform and to protect the rights of people with psychosocial problems.
It is a founding member and participates at the Boards of important mental health organisations and networks in Greece and Europe.


A founding member of the ARGO Federation of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Associations

Institute for the Mental Health of Children and Adults

Represented at the Board of Directors of the Network for the Right to Shelter and Housing, which is a member of FEANTSA, the European umbrella-organisation for non-profits offering services for homeless people

PYXIDA  – Mental Health Activities Cooperative 

Limited Liability Social Cooperatives (KOISPE) “Diadromes (Attica) “Yiannis Volikas” – (Fokida), “Anemoni” (Fthiotida), “Naftilos” (Thrace)

Panhellenic Association of Limited Liability Social Cooperatives (POKOISPE)

Social Dynamo – Open space for the empowerment, training, and networking of Civil Society Organisations

Society for the Care and Rehabilitation of People with Psychosocial Problems


Founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the European Network of Mental Health Organisations – ASKLEPIOS Foundation

Member of the Board of the European Network Ogranisation Mental Health Europe (MHE)

A founding member of the European Federation Social Firms Europe CEFEC, for the employment rehabilitation of people from vulnerable groups

Represents Social Firms Europe – CEFEC at the European Disability Forum – EDF

A founding member and member of the Board of Directors of SMES Europa, a European network for the improvement of the physical, psychological and social conditions of homeless and socially excluded people