The Erasmus+ Programme Stage of Mind, successfully staged the theatre play “The Café of the Shy”

On Sunday, March 5, and on Wednesday March 8 the theatre play “The Café of the Shy” was staged at P.E.P.S.A.E.E.’s  “Social Dialogue Center” at the centre of Athens. The play was created by the theatre group of the Erasmus+ Stage of Mind Programme, with original lyrics and musical compositions, that speak to our hearts about friendship, support, inclusion and acceptance. A project that moved us, troubled us, relieved us and above all reminded us that: “the good life needs a team!”. Congratulations to everyone involved in creating this unique show!

We would like to thank the audience that so warmly embraced the show and P.E.P.S.A.E.E. for the hospitality!

The theatre play “The Café of the Shy” was created within the framework of the implementation of the European Erasmus+ Programme Stage of Mind (SoM). The Erasmus+ Stage of Mind Programme was created with the main goal of offering access to people with psychosocial problems, in the field of musical theatre, through their training and support from specialized professionals, in order to create and stage a musical performance. The ultimate goal is to empower the participants, enrich their creativity and enhance their potential, through the creation of a theatrical musical production, which, at the same time, will help combat the mental health stigma and promote social inclusion.

The Programme has a two-year duration (May 2021 – April 2023) and is a partnership among six organizations from the fields of mental health and performing arts from three countries: Greece, Ireland and Spain. Coordinator: Fundación Intras (Spain), Partners: RAYUELA PRODUCCIONES TEATRALES (Spain), Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos (Greece), Angels of Joy (Greece), Housing Association for Integrated Living (Ireland), Smashing Times (Ireland).

The project is co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Program.

More information about the Erasmus+ Stage of Mind Program can be found at the website:


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